Максим Кріппа купує БЦ Парус у Вадима СтолараМаксим Кріппа купує БЦ Парус у Вадима Столара

The owner of the NAVI esports team, investor Maxim Krippa, has entered into an agreement with entrepreneur Vadym Stolar to buy the Parus business center in the center of Kyiv.

This is evidenced by information on the website of the open data monitoring and analysis service Opendatabot.

According to publicly available data, Maxim Krippa became the beneficial owner of Advanced Technologies Plus LLC, which owns Parus.

According to Contr Agent, prior to the deal, entrepreneur Vadym Stolar owned 80% of Parus Holding through the Genesis fund, and his ex-wife Inna Maistruk owned 20% through the Stream Investment fund), has a key asset in the form of Advanced Technologies Plus LLC. This company owns the building of the Parus shopping and office complex at 2 Mechnikova Street in the center of Kyiv.

BC Parus – characteristics of the skyscraper

Parus Business Center, located at 2 Mechnikova Street in the center of Kyiv, will now be owned by Ola Fine. The company’s investor is Max Krippa (100% through ARS Capital).

Parus Business Center, located in the center of Kyiv, is a premium class A business center. In total, the building occupies approximately 70 thousand square meters, of which 50 thousand square meters are available for lease. The 33-storey Parus Business Center dominates the cityscape and is considered one of the landmarks in the city center.

Who is Max Krippa?

Maxim Vladimirovich Krippa

To clarify, Maksym Krippa is a Ukrainian businessman and venture capitalist with assets in IT, Game Development, and Real Estate. He acquired NAVI in 2020, however, the NAVI organization confirmed this change of ownership in 2018. As of 2023, the businessman is also the owner of GSC Game World, the developer of the popular S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game.

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