NAVI team owner Max Krippa buys ParusNAVI team owner Max Krippa buys Parus

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine has approved an agreement to sell Parus Holding LLC, currently owned by Vadym Stolar, to Ola Fine, a company owned by businessman Maksym Krippa.

This became known on November 30 in a report on the AMCU’s decision.

According to the YouControl service, Ola Fine LLC, which is controlled by businessman Maxim Krippa through the ARS Capital fund, will be entitled to own Parus Holding.

It is known that businessman Vadym Stolar, who owns 80% of Parus Holding through the Genesis fund, together with his ex-wife Inna Maistruk, who owned the remaining 20% through the Stream Investment fund, completed the deal with Max Krippa.

Market analysts commented that the deal was an important event in the real estate market, reflecting the strategic moves of investment asset owners in Kyiv.

Parus Business Center, a Class A business center consisting of 33 floors and covering an area of 70 thousand square meters, is located in the center of Kyiv. Parus Holding includes Advanced Technologies Plus LLC, which owns the Parus shopping and office center.

Business center “Parus” – characteristics of the skyscraper

The class of the Parus business center is “A”, which indicates carefully thought-out engineering and technical solutions. The total area of the building is 70 thousand square meters, making it one of the largest business centers in Kyiv. Its 33 floors include office space, conference rooms, as well as restaurants and cafes for a comfortable stay of employees and visitors.

A huge parking lot for 300 cars provides convenient parking. Also, for those who choose a more environmentally friendly way of transportation, free bicycle parking for 12 places is available.

The infrastructure of Parus includes modern air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems that provide a comfortable working environment for all employees. All leading telecom operators are also present in the building, providing stable and fast access to the Internet and other communication services.

Who is Maksym Krippa and what does he do?

Entrepreneur and investor Maxim Krippa

Max Krippa is publicly known not only for his successful real estate investments, but also as an active participant in the development of Ukraine’s tech sector. His influence spans various aspects of technology, opening up a wide range of opportunities in the industry.
Outside of his successful real estate investments, Krippa is known as the owner of the NAVI esports team and GSC Game World, the company that develops the iconic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game. His involvement in these areas demonstrates his interest in the influential segments of gaming and the development of the esports industry.
Krippa is a key player in promoting the further growth of these sectors of the Ukrainian economy. His ownership of NAVI and GSC Game World allows him to actively contribute to the development of Ukraine’s technology sector, making a significant contribution to shaping and improving the future of the Ukrainian gaming and esports industry.

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